Journey Intelligence

Get New Attractive Services Out Rapidly with Journey Intelligence

Do you want to be able to provide driver behavior services? Or get richer insights about car usage to product development? Or more control over your vehicles during shipping? No matter where your unique challenge lies, your cars' journey data is a goldmine for drawing insights and for generating smart services without the need for costly hardware investments or time-consuming release projects. Find out how to do it smartly and easily.

The Challenges

Journey Intelligence is all about where, when, and how cars are driven and how you can use that information intelligently to increase efficiency and reduce costs, improve the environmental impact as well as increase safety. 

Users and owners of cars get many benefits from intelligent analysis of the journeys of their cars. Fuel or energy reduction, tax reductions, fewer accidents, and better health are some examples. For you, as a carmaker, journey intelligence provides the means to broaden your service portfolio without costly hardware investments and to reduce costs thanks to improved processes.  

However, accurate data collection and analysis that is the basis for all journey intelligence services is challenging. Vehicles are complex devices that by nature move around on streets, highways, in tunnels, and remote areas. 100% connectivity cannot be guaranteed and, as a result, the stream of data is not 100% accurate. Different models of cars process and report data differently. The way cars are used creates a very high load during peak hours. Privacy is also key as this can be highly sensitive data.

Our Journey Intelligence Solution

  • Use it to get easy access to a car’s position. The location is based on the car's latest known position and will provide an address as well as visualization on a map. 
  • Use it to get a driving journal to help drivers file and claim costs for business trips through reimbursement.  
  • Set up geofences to help parents monitor their teenager's car use, cities to control speed and environmental zones, or outbound logistic departments to fully control the outbound vehicle flow.   
  • Use it to allow users to easily keep track of their toll charges separated to private and business trips.
  • Use it to improve driver behavior. The cost of the car and the safety of the driver and the environment are greatly affected by the driving behavior. 
  • Use it to give drivers a sense of well-being by monitoring air-quality inside and outside of the cabin.

The Benefits

Lorum Ipsum

Why WirelessCar

Our unique experience is based on data from several millions of journeys. We have ironed out all corner cases. The intelligence of our services identifies errors and adjusts itself to create complete and accurate journeys. Our services scale and support several million vehicles at peak hours by efficient data management and utilizing cloud scaling capabilities. We have a concept for journey enrichment that supports the cost-efficient creation of new services by adding valuable data to journeys. 

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No matter your challenges and visions, we are looking forward to learning about them, and exploring how we can solve them together.