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Charge Your EV Offering with Smart Digital Services

Using connected digital services smartly is a given way to boost your sales of electric vehicles. The car data can be turned into valuable services, and because the connected car has become a computer on wheels it can be upgraded or adjusted at any given time. The data is there, connectivity as well, here's what you can do to meet your stakeholders' needs.

Our digital solutions

The Challenges

The unprecedented rapid growth of the market for electric vehicles is driven by environmental concerns, legislation and customer demands. So are the possibilities to grab new market shares and secure future sales volumes. But to succeed, you need to address new challenges for consumers, operators, and carmakers.

  • Consumers expect carefree use with hassle-free charging and need to overcome range anxiety
  • Operators need to deal with new conditions regarding vehicle care and management
  • Carmakers need to increase the adoption rate to meet legislative requirements

Our Solution

Connected vehicle data is the enabler to meet these challenges, and our services for electric vehicles aim to make it easier for the user, whether that means a large business operator or a private customer.  Some examples are:

  • Smart EV Routing. Based on real-time dynamic vehicle data combined with intelligent routing algorithms, our navigation tools enable a hassle-free and comfortable ride without any feelings of range anxiety. Plan the journey and let the car calculate and direct the driver to suitable charging stations. Read more about this solution here.
  • Remote Services. Pre-climatization and general remote handling services that make using the vehicle easier
  • Remote Battery Management. Managing charging and battery handling based on individual profiles, timers, location, battery SOC, plug-in status and departure time.
  • Plug & Charge. Simplify charging and payment processes based on vehicle identification certificate handling – just plug and charge.
  • Energy Consumption & Fleet Optimization. Energy consumption and battery management handling of individual and groups of vehicles

The Benefits

Our solution for EV routing provides car makers with the essential tools needed to alleviate the challenges electric vehicle drivers face during long distance journeys. By addressing these consumer pain points, the OEM builds its brand and increases its credibility while taking advantage of our agnostic and flexible solution.

The Smart EV Routing solution offers the following features and benefits:

Why WirelessCar?

The Smart EV Routing solution provided by WirelessCar brings essential benefits to both the car manufacturer and the driver. With more than eight million connected cars in 85 markets over the world, we have the experience to deliver solutions with the highest reliability, quality, and security. We believe that electric vehicles have an important role to play, and we believe in making it possible for everyone to move in a safe, sustainable, and smart way is key to a thriving future.

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Curious to know more?

No matter your challenges and visions, we look forward to connecting with you and exploring how we can solve them together. To learn more about WirelessCar’s Smart EV Routing solution, please contact us directly to book a meeting.

Matthieu Lainné
Business Development Manager