Safety and Security

Ensure Vehicle and Driver Integrity, Safety and Security

Giving attractive, sought-after and personalized services that provide safety and comfort to your customers is a great way to create engagement and differentiate from the competition. Not to mention, it is a way to a continued direct dialogue with your customers. Whether using apps, call centers, or digital assistants, there are a few things to think about to leverage the solution to 100%.

The Challenges

Customer engagement requires an omni-channel approach where interaction with the vehicle user takes place in multiple ways both inside and outside of the car. For example, via the head-unit, a driver's app, a digital assistant, or a customer engagement center.  Getting it right enables both higher customer engagement and a way to interact with them long after purchasing the car.

Our Products

Call Center Solution

Our solution could include the following:

Safety and Security 

Our portfolio of connected safety and security services to make a driver feel safe and protected include the following:

  • An emergency call service that provides differentiation by adding more valuable information to the rescue authorities than what legally mandatory eCall provides
  • Roadside Assistance. Give comfort to drivers that, in case of breakdown, help is not far away! For carmakers, it is a way to ensure the vehicle is taken care of at a licensed dealer.
  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance. In the event of a theft or other unauthorized use of the car has been discovered, then the car's owner along with the local law enforcement and a call center can trace the car.

Personal Advice

  • Per agreement, we can collect and present service usage statistics. Based on that information, we provide insights to customers about their usage patterns and give personalized advice to increase usage of available car functions and services.


  • With the Concierge service drivers get access to personal assistance while on the road. The Concierge service is a premium service where the driver, by pressing a button, gets in contact with a call center agent (Information-call) who can help with car-related services, directions or other advice.
  • Remote services. Remote services to make the ownership of the vehicle more convenient, including remote door lock/unlock, remote acclimatization, remote charging, and a personal vehicle health report.
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Presented by

Peter Håkanson
Product Manager, WirelessCar

Pernilla Arnell
Director, Business Development Sales

Webinar: How can car data improve driver behavior and what benefits does that bring?

Analyzing driver behavior is not all new, but combining enriched data from the connected car with data from the drivers’ mobile phones is, and it has huge potential to enable new sales and better margins to both fleet customers and consumers.

Leveraging driver behavior insights right, you can support drivers with tools to improve driving, reduce the number of accidents and thus save both lives and costs and enhances the customer experience. All in all, understanding and optimizing good driver behavior can and will increase your ROI as well as that of your fleet customers and ultimately boost your sales.

Why WirelessCar?

Our solution for enhancing customer engagement offers freedom of choice. With us, you get flexibility in what channel to deliver the services, such as an app or a customer engagement center. Low integration efforts also offer freedom to choose service providers. We can work with your existing partners or suggest new ones - it is up to you. Our global reach provides market flexibility. Millions of cars and their users are dependent on our service every day for their safety and comfort.


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