Today's Challenges Require Smart Digital Solutions

With the right set of data and digital services, many of today's challenges in the automotive industry can be solved beyond expectations. You can increase sales of electric vehicles, increase customer safety and loyalty, meet demands on sustainability, provide fleet customers with real-time TCO, and much more. Time to unleash the power of your data, drive the change, and truly become digitalized. What is your challenge?

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Want to Leverage Your Connected Car Data to the Max?

The challenges in the automotive industry are larger than ever before, but so are the possibilities. Never before has so much car data been available. Never before have so many cars been connected. And never before has the technology to process and analyze it been more powerful. Digitalizing your offering and truly becoming a software company is all about understanding your data, leveraging it, and turning it into business value. To do so, there are many ways, but only one that brings you speed, scalability, security, flexibility, and good ROI. Take a look!

To give you a taste of what we can bring to you, take a look at the examples below. Let them inspire you on what you can do or trigger new ideas that we can explore together. Enjoy!

The Big Challenge

We know many carmakers struggle to successfully establish a "software company" culture, valuable services that delight end-users, seamless integration with third-party service providers, and data monetization. All crucial factors to succeed in digitalizing your business and transforming your offers to fit the future.

The increasing complexity is one pain-point. It is growing exponentially when more services, markets, partners, and models are added while at the same time volumes are growing. Add to this the emergence of various new licenses, adaptations to local regulations, high-security demands, and new software releases.

To address this, we take on these challenges and offer you packaged solutions that are easy to consume, and 24/7/365 managed by us.

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Our Solutions

We believe that success lies in the sweet spot, where business, technology, and people meet, which is reflected in our solutions. With this as a foundation, our solutions allow you to amplify your digital visions by accelerating service creation, and turning car data into pure business value.

The starting point is your unique challenge coupled with our expertise. The building blocks are our products integrated into your unique context. The delivery is managed services that provide services and data at the right time for all your stakeholders. To secure evolution over time, our solutions always keep the car life cycle, user life cycle, and service life cycle in mind.

Four Major Benefits We Can Give You

Which of these examples are relevant for you?

The solutions presented below are synthesized from our experience and know-how and is a starting point for discussion. Experience from handling car data and operations for more than 8 million connected cars worldwide for many of the leading car brands 24/7/365. And know-how about the car industry, its processes, legislative requirements, visions, and goals.

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Secure the Fundamentals to Quickly Realize your Digital Visions

In need of setting up a brand new connected car platform to keep up with the competition? Or sitting on a platform that needs to be modernized to meet customer demands? No matter what, getting the fundamentals right, and managing complexity and change securely and flexiblely is the key. Here's how to do it.

Journey Intelligence

Get New Attractive Services Out Rapidly with Journey Intelligence

Do you want to be able to provide driver behavior services? Or get richer insights about car usage to product development? Or more control over your vehicles during shipping? No matter where your unique challenge lies, your cars' journey data is a goldmine for drawing insights and for generating smart services without the need for costly hardware investments or time-consuming release projects. Find out how to do it smartly and easily.

Our digital solutions for cars
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Safety and Security

Enhance Safety and Engagement with Customer Interaction

Giving attractive, sought-after and personalized services that provide safety and comfort to your customers is a great way to create engagement and differentiate from the competition. Not to mention, it is a way to a continued direct dialogue with your customers. Whether using apps, call centers, or digital assistants, there are a few things to think about to leverage the solution to 100%.

Electric Vehicles

Charge Your EV Offering with Smart Services and Over-the-Air Updates

Using connected digital services smartly is a given way to boost your sales of electric vehicles. The car data can be turned into valuable services, and because the connected car has become a computer on wheels it can be upgraded or adjusted at any given time. The data is there, connectivity as well, here's what you can do to meet your stakeholders' needs.

How EV route planning solutions make drivers’ journeys easier
Fleet data management solution

Shared Mobility

Boost your B2B Sales & Mobility Offerings with smart Fleet Data Management

To address users' increasingly digitalized demands on accessing personalized mobility solutions just in time wherever they are, cars need to be "fleet ready". No matter if you provide car-sharing services or want to sell fleet ready cars to mobility providers, using your existing car data to aggregate real-time actionable intelligence has huge potential. You will enable your B2B customers to improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and increase vehicle utilization. And the best part, it is easy to integrate it with your connected car cloud, and customers can avoid aftermarket workarounds.

Digital Transformation

Manage Life of Your Services Smoothly to Boost New Business Models

Selling and managing digitally connected services to fleets, users and vehicles, either as a one-off or a subscription, is more and more sought after to capture the value of your installed car base. Historically it has been a challenge to offer digitally connected services after cars have been manufactured, so how can you now manage access to digital services throughout the complete vehicle life cycle?

Connected car data improves driver behavior

Curious to know more?

No matter your challenges and visions, we are looking forward to learning about them, and exploring how we can solve them together.